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What the Restaurants have to say...
"We have used IndyDining for over a year now, and we have found it to be a wonderful resource in marketing both Champions, and Circle City Bar and Grille."
- Kevin Kalstad, Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant and Circle City Bar & Grille

"IndyDining has been a great resource in advertising and promoting BadaBoomz. We hosting a Night Out event and over 25 people came to the restaurant and used their IndyDining certificate!"
- Michael DeWeese, BadaBoomz

The local consumers love IndyDining because...
"The thing I like most about IndyDining is that it does all of the same things as other local dining sites, PLUS it works with local businesses to arrange social gatherings, special deals and works in concerted effort to benefit the businesses as well as the person dining out. That makes it pretty unique in my opinion and a benefit to the community as a whole."
- Michael Hunt, Platinum Member

"I use IndyDining every time I need to find a new restaurant! I go out to eat frequently and love finding a new restaurant to try. The system is very easy to use and the programs are great."
- Bryce Borchers, Platinum Member

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