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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IndyDining and how can it help my restaurant?
On the surface, IndyDining is a restaurant guide with ratings, reviews, special offers, menus, and more for local restaurants. However, IndyDining is more than the traditional restaurant guide. We provide restaurants with tools to attract new customers and ultimately drive sales.

Traditional marketing campaigns require a significant investment without the confidence of success. Through the use of cooperative marketing, we are able to offer our services to restaurants without breaking the bank. Through the involvement in our various programs, restaurants see a return on investment that makes their participation a no-brainer.

What is Cooperative Marketing and how does it affect me?
Cooperative Marketing is the collective use of advertising dollars to reach a wider audience via a larger medium. For example, a large marketing campaign may cost a restaurant $5,000 dollars per month and the return on investment is minimal because of the high cost. However, you can put together 50 restaurants to advertise using the same medium, but for only $100 per month.

Yes, you don't have as much individualism, but your costs are much lower. You must also consider that the more restaurants that are advertising, the more of an audience that the entire marketing campaign will appeal to. This means that the campaign will have a much higher return on investment and will be more effective than the traditional campaign.

How does IndyDining drive consumers to use its service?
Through the use of online advertisements and traditional SEO, we are able to drive hundreds of consumers to our website (in each city) on a daily basis. As popularity grows, our members spread our brand via word-of-mouth and we begin to see our return visitor statistics rise dramatically.

What if I already have my own website?
That is a great start. In today's world, every business must have a website to make them legitimate. However, when someone is looking for a new restaurant to try, they will not search for your restaurant by name. They will search for restaurants in their general area. When they do these searches, IndyDining will pop up in their search results as we give them a wide range of restaurants to choose from.IndyDining can be considered a "focused" restaurant search engine and if your restaurant is not on IndyDining, then you are missing an opportunity to be found by potential customers.

What if I am involved with OpenTable©,©, or other similar services?
Almost all of our restaurant members use other programs to help drive traffic to their restaurant. These services help you fill a portion of your tables and we help you fill the rest!

What if I've tried similar programs in the past and was unsuccessful?
We have designed our IndyDining programs to add value for both consumers and restaurants to ensure both feel they are getting a great deal. We have priced our membership packages to be a slam dunk for restaurants and we feel our service is unique and beneficial to the market.

What if I my tables are full every night with long waits?
Sounds like a great problem to be experiencing! However, to maintain a thriving business, you must be planning for the future. As we all know, conditions in the market can change overnight and you can lose even your most loyal customers. IndyDining provides you with the tools to develop a long-term marketing initiative which can help you maintain those loyal customers. The more exposure your brand receives in the good times will help you make it through the rough times.

How can I join IndyDining?
The process of joining IndyDining is very easy and will take less than 5-10 minutes. Simply click here and fill out the information regarding your restaurant. After you fill out the registration information, you will be able to activate your membership via credit card or mail a check. In the meantime, we will list your restaurant under our free listing and you will be able to finish your profile for our visitors to see.

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