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Are your marketing dollars returning the results you are looking for? Are you tired of the same old "stale" marketing campaigns that consumers have learned to ignore? It is time to try something new...

Cooperative marketing, collectively using advertising dollars to maximize results, is very powerful in today’s economic conditions. IndyDining provides marketing opportunities for restaurants to reach a wider, yet targeted audience. Utilizing the features of cooperative marketing, we are able to drive customers to hundreds of restaurants throughout a number of cities across the US.

To have your restaurant(s) listed on IndyDining, you must register with us. As a member restaurant of IndyDining you will experience many benefits:

What does IndyDining have to offer?
Attract New Customers
Participate in IndyDining programs which help drive traffic to restaurant doors.
Upload Your Menus and Restaurant Information
Give visitors the opportunity to view your menu, photos, hours, and other information
Restaurant Reviews and Menu Item Reviews
Receive feedback from members on your restaurant as well as your food
Customizable Reviews
You can customize both restaurant and menu item reviews by adding your own questions
Visitors will be able to find information on your restaurant quick and easy.
Facebook® & iPhone® Recognition
We have created a Facebook® Application which IndyDining members place on their profiles and posts recent reviews and their "Favorite Restaurants". Our iPhone® Application allows members to find restaurant information on-the-go using their phone.
Easily Manage Multiple Restuarants/Locations
Through your "Restaurant Manager" account, you will be able to easily add new restaurants/locations to IndyDining
Stay In Contact With Customers
Send newsletters, coupons, birthday notes, and so much more

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